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scientific program

Pre-Conference: Sep 29, 2017 [Friday]
Time Task Venue
3.00 PM Onwards Registration Registration Counter
7.00 pm onwards Pre-Conference banquet
Day One: Sep 30, 2017[Saturday]
Session One Welcome & Inaugural Session
Time 10.00 AM – 12.00 Noon
Time Program Chairpersons
10.00-10.15 AM Welcome Address Prof. R.K Sharma, President, IAMLE & Org. Chairman
10.15-11.00 AM Dr. G K Chaube Memorial Oration
Speaker- Prof. SK Gupta
Prof S K Dhattarwal Chairman, Academic Committee
Prof NK Aggarwal
11.00-11.15 AM Inaugural Program
Conferment of JP Modi Lifetime Achievement Award, IAMLE Fellowships & Release of Book on FMT
Prof. Adarsh Kumar Chairman Scientific Committee
Prof Ghizala Rizvi
11.15AM- 11.30AM:Tea Break
Session Two Key Note Address
11.30-12 Noon Medical Negligence in Emergency Care Rooms
Medical Negligence in Emergency Care Rooms
Prof Thales Barcelos
Prof Ajay Ghangale
Prof T. Millo
Session Three Plenary Talks
Time 12. 00- 13.30
Chairpersons Prof Adarsh Kumar
-Do- Prof Leandro Duarte de Carvalho (Brazil)
Coordinators Prof. Vijayanath V & Dr Sameera Mohamed Al hammadi (UAE)
S. No Topic/Title Speaker
1 Challenges and new applications on Forensic Drug Testing Prof. Serap Annette Akgür (Turkey)
2 About the Expert Evidence in cases of Rape Prof. Leonardo Mendes Cardoso (Brazil)
3 The Analysis of Illicit Diazepam Tablets Dr. Mae MacDougall-Heasman(Dundee, UK)
4 Dignified Management of Dead ICRC Representative
5 Issues and Challenges of Snake bite in India Dr. Sharda S. Peshin
6 Salient features in light of recent amendments of Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Act, 1994 Prof S K Dhattarwal
7 Rajasthan model on PCPNDT Dr. Rituja Sharma
Lunch Break: 1.30-2.00PM
Day One: Sep 30, 2017 [Saturday]
Session Four Forensic Pathology
Time 2PM- 3.30 PM
Chairpersons Prof. Leonardo Mendes Cardoso ( Brazil)
-do- Prof Virender Kumar Chhokar
Coordinators Prof Barkha Gupta & Dr. Tanuj Kanchan
S. No Topic/Title Speaker/Authors
1 False Claims: A Case Report of a Questionable Head Injury Prof Luv Sharma
2 Medico-legal evaluation of cause of sudden death due to diseases of cardiovascular system and their survival time Prof. Ajay Ghangale
3 Fatal Undiagnosed Ileal Perforation After Mini-laparotomy Tubal Sterilization: A case report of alleged medical negligence Dr.Pankaj Suresh Ghormade
4 Can an Electric Mark Mislead a Forensic Expert? : -An Unfolded SCAM hidden behind the natural deaths Dr. Surbhee Garg
5 Study of Suicidal Deaths at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Kadapa , Andhra Pradesh Dr. G Mahender
6 Corporate Gluttony and a Non-Exploratory Laparotomy: A case of Medical Negligence (Acute abdomen spared life, treatment killed him) Dr. Pankaj Keswani
7 Sudden Death During Liposuction : A Rare Case Report Dr. A DebBarma
8 Homicide and Concealment of Crime: A Case Report Dr. B.Vashishtha
9 Legal Aspects Of Medical Records And Maintenance Mr Saurabh
Tea Break 3.30-3.45 PM
Session Five Clinical Forensic Medicine, Forensic Traumatology, Miscellaneous
Time 3.45 PM – 4.45 PM
Chairpersons Prof Anju Gupta
-do- Dr. Shailendra Chandra Gupta
Coordinators Dr SS Dalal & Dr. Harish Kumar Aggrawal
S. No Topic/Title Speaker/Authors
1 Medical Malpractices in Global Oncology Dr. Aman Kumar
2 Forensic Autopsy Quiz: An analysis of the event from student’s perspective Dr.Raghvendra Kumar Vidua
3 Estimating the Post-mortem Interval in decomposing bodies using Entomology as a tool Dr. Sanjay Sukumar
4 Determination of Age from Epiphyseal Union of Bones at Shoulder Joint in Boys in Bagalkot region Dr. Abhay P Betala
5 Study of Limb injuries in road traffic accident cases-an analytical study in IMS and SUM hospital, Bhubaneswar Dr.Srimannarayan Mishra
7 Preparations of MLC’s and its Pre and Post Complications Mr Saurabh
8 Medical Errors stemming from Communication Problems Dr. Aynur Arslan
Session Six Forensic Psychiatry, Toxicology & Pharmacology
Time 4.45 PM – 5.30 PM
Chairpersons Prof. Raka Jain
-do- Dr Prem Kumar
Coordinator Dr Amita Srivastava & Dr AK Jaiswal
S.No Topic/Title Speaker/Authors
1 Postmortem Redistribution and toxicological approach Dr. Aybike DIP
2 Tobacco toxicity in tobacco chewers Prof. V. Chandrasekhar
3 Paucity of National Poison Control Centres in India to match the burden of poisoning: A Systematic Review on Poison Control Centers Dr. Balaram Jadhav
4 NANOTOXICOLOGY: A Field Developed Parallel to the Nanotechnology Mr. Neeraj Kumar Gupta
5 Comparative study of VEGF1 & APO A1 factor in Diabetes mellitus- type II with and without retinopathy patients Ms. Khushboo Kumari
6 Long-term and Harmful Effects of Riot Control Agents Sadik Toprak
7 Death related to Gasoline poisoning: a case report Hacer YASAR TEKE
Conference Banquet - 30-09-2017 7 PM onwards
Day Two: October 1, 2017[Sunday]
Session Seven Forensic Science, Forensic Odontology & Law
Time 9.00 AM – 10.30 AM
Chairpersons Dr Bablinder Chopra (USA) & Dr RK Sarin
-do- Dr Rituja Sharma & Dr Vaibhav Sharan
Coordinators Dr. Pooja Malik Puri & Ms. R. Aparna
S No. Topic/Title Speaker/Authors
1 Section-39 Cr.P.C. applicable to doctors- A restriction to “right to life” of citizens of India Dr. Binay Kumar
2 Medical Negligence and Benchmark Judgments Dr. Arun Kumar
3 Tear Examination – a new tool in Forensic Investigations Ms. R. Aparna
4 Laws applicable to hospitals and medical practices in Maharashtra Mr. Anandrao S Shedge
5 Co-relation between fingerprints and blood groups in inmates of Jind jail: a pilot study Dr. Ruchika
6 Comparison of Digital and Conventional Cheiloscopy- An aid in Biometric Identification Dr. Harris Bhandari
7 Nanoscale variations in migration of latent fingermarks on non-porous surfaces Ms. Neha Gupta
8 Narcoanalysis [A volcano in criminal investigation system] Ms. Ekta Kushwaha
9 Forensic Odontology Ms. Sneha Pundlik Kumre
10 Study of Dipteran Species Diversity Captured in Baited Traps in Two Different Area of Samsun,Turkey Dr.Meltem Kökdener
Tea break: 10.30-10.45AM
Session Eight E-Poster Session
Time 10.45 AM – 12.45PM
Chairpersons Prof SK Dhatterwal, Chairman Academic Committee
-do- Prof Adarsh Kumar, Chairman Scientific Committee
External Expert Prof Gerson Odilon (Brazil)
External Expert External Expert- Prof Serap Annette Akgür (Turkey)
External Expert External Expert- Dr. Mae MacDougall-Heasman (Dundee, UK)

POSTERS- Shall be presented as E-posters of 5 minutes duration on 1 Oct and judged by Panel of Judges comprising of Chairman, Academic Committee & Chairman, Scientific Committee and External Expert nominated from different countries. All who want to present poster should submit their slide in JPEG format in single slide format in morning to E-poster coordinators (Ms. Anita Yadav & Ms Pallavi Choudhry). Those delegates whose names are not reflecting in the list if want to present can do so with prior permission from Org. Committee on 30 Sep. itself.

E-posters- JPEG Single slide (5 minutes each)
S No. Topic/Title Authors; Presenter name is underlined
1 External Expert- Dr. Mae MacDougall-Heasman (Dundee, UKDiagnosis of previous uveitis in a simulated occupational accident Caroline Dussin, Larissa Cruz Périssé,Larissa Lima Magalhães, Leandro Duarte de Carvalho, Leonardo Santos Resende, Thales Bittencourt de Barcelos
2 Voluntary Hand Amputation – a Case-Report Adriana Maria Campos de Melo Figueiredo, Caroline Dussin, Julia Barros Silva, Marina Caixeta Braga, Leandro Duarte de Carvalho, Priscila Camara Starling,Thales Bittencourt de Barcelos
3 Glanzmann’s Thrombasthenia and Intestinal Angiodysplasia: Clinical and Judicial Amanda Carvalho Mitre Chaves, Caroline Dussin, Guilherme Passos de Freitas, Leandro Duarte de Carvalho, Marcus Vinícius de Oliveira, Thales Bittencourt de Barcelos
4 TBI and its Consequences due to Severe Occupational Accident Rafael Pallos da Silveira, Rui Lafaiete Brasil Neto, Tiago Henrique Laudares Feltrim, Caroline Dussin, Leandro Duarte de Carvalho, Thales Bittencourt de Barcelos
5 Homicide Followed by Cannibalism in Alfenas, Minas Gerais, Brazil Adriana Maria Campos de Melo Figueiredo, Anelise Oliveira de Morais, Caroline Dussin, Gabrielle Stephanie de Paula Lomba, Leandro Duarte de Carvalho, Thales B de Barcelos
6 Impact of the metabolic and visual disorders related to pituitary adenoma on the labour potential and quality of life- A Case Study Ana Victoria de Oliveira Vasconcellos, Bruna Penna Guerra Lages, Caroline Dussin, Leandro Duarte de Carvalho, Louise D’Arrigo Luchese, Nathália Costa Freitas, Thales Bittencourt, e Sarah Freitas
7 Toxicological Evaluation of alcohol and Drug abuse in adolescents Rukiye Döger, Berika Sentürk, Melike Aydogdu, Serap Annette Akgür
8 Drug abuse testing for probations: urine integrity test Melike AYDOGDU, Rukiye DÖGER, Serap Annette AKGÜR
9 Ethyl alcohol prevalence in traffic accident cases in Turkey Nihan Tongay, Rukiye Döger, Melike Aydogdu, Serap Annette Akgür
10 The identification of metabolites of tryptamine derivative5-MEO-MIPT in rat urines using lC-QTOF-MS Nebile Daglioglu, Ismail Ethem Gören, Pinar Efeoglu Ozseker
11 Molecular Forensics: Revolutionized Law Enforcement Nidhi Sharma, Ajay Balayan, Tabin Millo, Adarsh Kumar, Sudhir K Gupta
12 Extraction and Identification of ‘Amitriptyline, Nortriptyline and Imipramine’ in Biological Samples by Planer Chromatography using different solvent systems Pallavi Choudhary, Akanksha Priya, A.K.Jaiswal, Adarsh Kumar, S.K.Gupta
13 Comparative study of blood lead levels amongst autodrivers, petrol bunk workers and housewives Aishwarya BS
14 Determination of aluminium and zinc in autopsy samples by ICP-AES: Method validation Anita Yadav, Amita Srivastava, Adarsh Kumar, AK Jaiswal , RK Sarin, Madhulika Sharma
15 A Death Game? A case report Zeynep SEKER, Kenan KAYA, Ozgenur Koken TOK, Ahmet HILAL, Necmi CEKIN, Mete Korkut GULMEN
16 Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection- A case report Ziya EROGLU, Sila ASLAN, Ziyaettin ERDEM, Kenan KAYA
17 Atypical wound due to cardiopulmonary resuscitation-a case report Mustafa KIRTISOGLU, Ahmet HILAL, Atilhan KAYA , Mete Korkut GULMEN
18 Sudden Death Due To Intramural Coronary Artery: A Case Report Naciye Özeren, Necmi Çekin , Ahmet Hilal
19 Rectus Sheath Hematoma in a pregnant woman- A Case Report Ozgenur Koken TOK, Necmi Çekin, Ziyaettin ERDEM, Kenan KAYA, Mete Korkut GULMEN
20 Transposition of the Great Arteries in a Newborn- A Case Report Sila ASLAN, Ziyaettin ERDEM, Necmi CEKIN, Ahmet HILAL, Mete Korkut GULMEN
21 The Forensic usage of Y-chromosome : advantages, disadvantages and recent developments Mehmet Urun AY, Ayse SERIN, Mete Korkut GULMEN
22 Court presentations of DNA evidences Ayca ULUBAY, Ayse SERIN, Mete Korkut GULMEN
23 The relation between childhood abuse and parental attitudes Açikyol, N, Gölge ZB, Karaman F
24 Medical Ethics and Turkish Criminal Law Polat Tuncer, Aynur Arslan, Meltem Kökdener
25 The legal responsibility of public administration in child abuse and neglect Polat Tuncer, Meltem Kökdener, Aynur Arslan
26 The Relationships between Substance Abuse, Childhood Traumatic Experiences and Perceived Social Support Inanli D, Gölge ZB, Filoglu G
27 Predictive factors associated with childhood trauma & dissociation Gizem Akcan, Erdinc Ozturk, Gonul Filoglu
28 The Investigation of Predictors of Dissociation in University Students Gizem Akcan, Erdinc Ozturk, Gonul Filoglu
29 A case of suicide with potassium chloride: use by healthcare personnel Nevriye TEMEL, Hacer YASAR TEKE, Bülent DEGIRMENCI, Ebru GÜRLEYIK
30 Drug abuser Drugs Murat AKBABA, Emre YULUG, Yusuf ATAN, Zekeriya TATAROGLU, Veysal DAS, Aysun BARANSEL ISIR
Valedictory Function, Prize Distribution & Group photograph 1 PM-1.30 PM
Vote of Thanks Professor RK Sharma, President IAMLE
Lunch 1.30 PM- 2PM

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Indian Association Of Medical Legal Experts

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30th Sept’2016 Submission of Abstract
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